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Standard Vs Premium Boiler Service

Updated: May 16

East Midlands Boilers Ltd have recently added a new service to their menu -

Premium Boiler Service.

This is due to the fact that some boilers require a little more looking after from time to time.

Maybe you just moved into a house and want to get the current boiler thoroughly checked over. Maybe you haven't had an annual boiler service for a few years now (oops)

Maybe you have kept on top of your servicing well but suspect your boiler could do with a more thorough service this time around.

Whatever the reason, East Midlands Boilers Ltd have seen time and time again that some boilers need just a little more work than a standard boiler service to help keep it in tip-top condition and running as effectively as possible.

A Standard Boiler Service is all you will need every year to keep your boiler in warranty and to ensure everything is clean and in working order.

A Premium Boiler Service is more detailed and takes more time.

  • A Standard Boiler Service is recommended annually and is £90. This service will take up to an hour.

  • A Premium Boiler Service is recommended every 2/3 years and costs from £180 depending on the brand and age of your boiler. This service could take up to 2.5hours.

Ready to book the right Boiler Service for you?

Feel free to get in touch through the website, by phone or email.

We're always happy to help.

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