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Air Source Heat Pump

Heard about Air Source Heat Pumps and wondered what they are and whether they're right for you or not? 

Air Source Heat Pumps are a form of Renewable Energy and suitable for many homes, helping to reduce your carbon footprint and reduce your energy bills.

 East Midlands Boilers ltd are Approved Installers and have the tools and the know how to help keep your Air Source Heat Pump in it's best and most efficient working order. 

What Are They?

In a nutshell - Air Source Heat Pumps will be playing a huge part in heating our homes in the future. They are a sustainable replacement for fossil-fuel heating (gas, oil, LPG).

The Pump is located outside, collecting air (even in below freezing temperatures) transferring it into your home - heating your home and hot water. And because they only use a small amount of energy to move the heat around, you'll be using a lot less energy heating your home.  

Looking After your Air Source Heat Pump

Keeping your Air Source Heat Pump working as effectively and efficiently as possible is key. You can do small things yourself to help, like ensuring any leaves or debris is cleared regularly away from the Pump. But when it comes to servicing, East Midlands Boilers ltd are specialist. Servicing is essential to keep your warranty valid and your home as efficient as it can be. We can offer Care Plans for your system or annual checks with certification and maintainance reports. 

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Summer Festival

We are currently offering summer discounts on servicing your Air Source Heat Pumps! Get in touch to find out more... 

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