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LPG Boilers

So what is LPG anyway?

LPG can be used for fuel for things such as vehicles and cooking. But the LPG we're talking about today is to heat your water and house. LPG (or Liquid Petroleum Gas) is used in homes all over the UK that are not connected to the grid. So this will usually be houses in the country side rather than in a city or suburb. Due to not being connected to the grid (or main gas network), houses with LPG boilers will need to store the gas in a tank. This tank will generally be hired from your supplier (although you can purchase these too) and stay at your home, usually outside.

The LPG boiler does have its pro's.

- Generally speaking these boilers are quite compact so space needn't be an issue. And as for the tanks, the fact that LPG is liquified means large volumes can be stored in relatively small spaces.

- They are also a good one to look at when one of your concerns is "How do I lower my home's carbon footprint". This is because with an LPG boiler you will be using cleaner energy. It's extremely efficient and burns with low emissions meaning it is a lot better for the environment than burning traditional fossil fuels like coal and oil.

But what might put you off an LPG boiler?

- Often the price would put you off an LPG boiler as these can be quite pricey when installing a whole new system. And then there's the cost of the fuel tank hire or purchase. And like all boilers these boilers and tanks will need to be serviced annually.

- There is also the hassle of having the tank delivered. If you run out of your LPG before your next tank gets delivered it could mean you're without hot water for a day or two. So keeping an eye on the levels is a MUST.

Thinking about a new boiler? - East Midlands Boilers Ltd are gas safe registered and have the right qualification to install your LPG boiler. We offer FREE, competitive quotes and are always more than happy to advise if you feel you need any kind of guidance.

We are LPG specialists
Does your boiler run off LPG?

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