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System Flush

Whether your central heating system is quite new, quite old or somewhere in between, sometimes a system flush can solve a problem or two. 

Over time sludge can build up in your system causing cold spots or blockages meaning you're not getting the most out of your boiler. Sometimes this can result in you turning your boiler up and down more often than you need to which isn't good for that pesky gas bill that is shooting up.  

Benefits of a system flush

  • Removes sludge 

  • Less cold spots in Radiators meaning they will be performing a lot better

  • Less demand on the boiler meaning it can run more efficiently

  • Less time to heat the house meaning you wont be playing with the heating controls

  • Chemicals are added to the system which can help prolong the life of the boiler

So what's involved in a system flush?

  • Depending on the severity a system flush can take between half a day to a full day

  • The drain down of your home and the flush machine will be attached along with the system chemicals

  • Heating will be turned on full to allow movement through the whole system

  • We will agitate the radiators as the chemicals take affect

  • Drain down and fill back up as many times as needed

  • Re balance of system

Generally a system flush will be needed every 5-10 years. 

Do you have a system filter?

System filters are advised if absent.

We highly recommend a system filter is installed whilst having a system flush to keep your system clean thereafter. ​

How much does a system flush cost?

System flush  -  from £400 inc chemicals

System filter with a system flush   -  from £100

System filter as a stand alone service   -  from £150   

Sound like something you need? 

Why not get in touch today to book your system flush in? 
It can save your boiler and gas bills!

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