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Smart Heating Controls

We've heard of smart heating controls, but how do we know if they're right for us?

The short answer is - Because they are.

But, we probably need a bit more info than that before we commit to having one installed.

The main reason people are switching to smart controls is due to the significant effect they have on your energy bills. If they're used in the correct manner, smart controls can reduce your energy consumption quite dramatically. If your existing heating controls/ programmers are not energy rated controls you could be paying out a lot more than you need to be on your bills each month.

These smart controls can also maintain heating temperatures at a more consistent rate giving you a more accurate temperature within your home (another ££ saver).

A big attraction to these smart controls is that you can have multiple schedules set to suit your needs - If you're out every Wednesday but home every Friday you can set your control only come on when you're home on the Friday - meaning no more spending money on heating the whole house for no one to enjoy.

We can recommend a control suitable to every type of system that we can tailor to suit your every need. These offer app based controls and programable room thermostats that can either be permanently fixed in place or installed on a stand to be able to move to a different location.

We have a range of boiler + heating controls that we offer to our customers -

  • Google Nest

  • Hive

  • Tado

  • ESI

So, now that you know why you should be having a smart control installed - give us a call and get your installation booked in asap!

We look forward to hearing from you.

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